Speciality Risk account

July 20, 2016

Specialty Risk Accounts

We Say ‘Yes’ When Others Say No… Get the Approval Terms You Want at Rates Lower Than You Might Expect.


DusPay High risk merchant account solution is specially designed for High Risk merchants like It Support, Pharmaceutical and many others across the world. If you are running It Support business and looking for high risk payment gateway provider, you are at the right place. Our high risk solution is perfect solution for payment gateway of tech support business across the UK, Europe and UAE.  Our team has years of experience combined, specialized knowledge in the area of high risk merchant processing or credit card processing for high risk merchant. Traditional banks and payment processors can make getting ACH Processing accounts and Credit Card processing accounts virtually impossible.Fortunately, we know what it takes to manage processing accounts and provide the tools you need keep in compliance. (And if you’ve been processing for any length of time, you know what we’re talking about). We are the best High Risk merchant account provider across the UK and Europe.

So let us be your guide in the journey of high risk payment solution….…

Our network of processing platforms and banking partners combined with state of the art for processing and risk management tools allows us to get approved what most banks deem as “high risk merchants”.

We approve most of our application, as they are being reviewed by out inhouse underwriting team to approve the processing solution for high risk merchants. We are the best and want to be…across the most merchant account provider in UK, Europe & UAE.

What Are Specialty Risk Accounts?

No one wants to consider their business as high risk however there are several factors that can classify a business as such. These factors could include: industry type, product/service sold, large transaction size, large monthly or spiked monthly volume, future dated services where billing is done up front, credit/financial strength of business and/or owner, past merchant processing statement, and time in business of the merchant. We do our best to accommodate every merchant across the world unlikely UK and Europe merchants. Every situation is unique and we treat it that way. And that’s why special situations require an out of the box approach to get you what you want. As a best merchant provider in UK, we want to ensure the risk of our merchants and its customers. Everyone has hard earned money, which has to be treated the same.

When merchants are faced with a processing challenge or have a specialized need….they call us for.

We Can Help You..

check box Get processing accounts for your business if you’ve been declined, turned away, or just haven’t found a company you feel good about working with.

check box Reduce credit card chargebacks and ACH returns from your current merchant account.

check box Get higher limit processing with lower rates and no extra or hidden fee.

check box Faster access to your money to use the money as cash.

check box Fight against fraud and verify prospective customers.

check box Introduce monitoring services for legal and payments compliance.

check box Fix a processing problem that’s causing pain.

check box Provide a custom solution that’s just for you.


check boxACH Processing & Credit Card Processing Accounts

check boxLarge Volume/Large Ticket mercahants

check boxFuture Dated Services (Annual and Multi-Year Billing) including recurring

check boxChargeback Management at lower price

check boxSpike Volume Processing

check boxFaster settlement of funds

check boxGain peace of mind. Better account protection.

check boxRock solid, billion dollar processing platform.

check boxGet a fast “pre-approval” decision. Minimal paperwork.

check boxRisk Management/Verification/Fraud Scrubbing

check boxBetter Cash Flow. Flexible Reserve Accounts (and Low/No Reserve)