Small Business Credit Card Processing – best for retailers and small firms

May 30, 2017

Small Business Credit Card Processing

Today everybody want to pay with credit cards everywhere whether it’s a retail store or a bakery or even a farmer’s market. Credit cards make the businesses easy comparable to track spending, earn rewards and get the benefits of the security measures afforded by today’s credit card companies. Small business credit card processing is secure, quick, and easy. Companies that do not accept credit cards, are losing customers to their rivals who do. DusPay offers retail and restaurant terminals, POS systems, phone and mail order processing, mobile payment processing, e-commerce solutions, digital loyalty programs, and serves customers in almost all the industries to fulfill their particular business needs.

The terminals and POS systems provided by DusPay are fully EMV compliant. EMV is a smart chip system that offers increased security over traditional magnetic stripe systems.

A customer offers his card for the payment, and with DusPay, the money usually reaches in your account within two days. But during this simple process, there’s a lot more going on. Whenever customers swipe their cards, and before they know it, the transaction is complete. Behind every small business credit card processing, however, is a profoundly more complex procedure than what meets the eye. In fact, sliding the card and signing the receipt are only the first and final steps of a complicated procedure. And the whole process — though it happens in merely a few seconds — involves multiple stages and several actors working behind the scenes.

How a small business credit card processing is done actually?

Now that we have gone through to all the parties completely indulged in credit card processing, we will walk along how everything works. Here is how a small business credit card processing with DusPay take place:


When the merchant swipes or dips the credit card of a customer, the request of payment is submitted to DusPay. We then divert the transaction to the acquiring bank, which then forwards it to the issuing bank for approval. The issuing bank check for appropriate funds. It is also necessary for the transaction by fraud models to determine if the transaction is safe (to provide protection to the cardholder and the issuing bank).


How the money from a transaction is forwarded to the acquirer to start the process of depositing it in the bank account of merchant. It’s known batching because funds are transferred in a large group.


In the funding, also known as settlement, step is when businesses receive the payments from a credit card sale deposited into the account. DusPay deposit schedule takes usually within two business days. But if you have opted up DusPay Instant Deposit, you get your money instantly during 24/7. The price of this is only 1% per deposit.

The parties involved in small business credit card processing

  • The Cardholder, a person having with the credit card.
  • The Credit Card, the small and rectangular shaped plastic sheet with your payment credentials on it.
  • The Merchant, the business receiving your credit card as payment for products or services.
  • The point-of- sale system, the interface device used by the merchant to receive the credit card payment.