Payment Processing Services – Fast, Secure and reliable Payment processing services

May 31, 2017

Payment Processing Services

To connect to the Platform, we provide unique internet based and mobile phone based Interfaces relying on to your unique requirements. For the Payment Processing Services you need to initiate transaction on the Platform, here we offer you a wide range of payment processing services which enhances from basic gateway to its full service. In order to provide you the biggest range of international payment options for your customers, via DusPay you would have got the access to an unmatched portfolio of international card acquiring and unconventional Payment Products.

DusPay can also help you to reduce the costing associated with chargebacks and fraud because of our advanced fraud screening solutions. Also we could help you in Accounts Payable remittance.

Your customers need ease, speed, reliability, and security. You yourself need an effective approach for keeping pace with new payment processing technology, conforming with new financial guidelines, streamlining systems, improving services, governing costs and avoiding the frauds. This is where DusPay enters into the picture and we could help you till your last hope.

Payment Processing Services

DusPay offers specific ranges of payment processing services through its one of its kind of gateway. Payment Process techniques could encompass diverse parts of a payment flow and by and large are segregated into frontend and backend processing. Frontend preparing incorporates dealing with the approval procedure and getting affirmations of incoming payment whereas the backend handling incorporates the settlement of funds against endorsed orders and the settlement of received funds to the merchant.

By outsourcing your payment processes to our gateway reduces the complexity from your operations, while using a single interface at the frontend, simplified transaction reporting and a wide variety of remitting the currencies to choose from. DusPay offers payment processing services in different representations, on the basis of payment product, merchant type and banking partner who you prefer.

DusPay provide a wide range of issuer and acquirer payment processing services, including:

  • We provide our full service credit processing for the issuers and large retailers in your selected regions.
  • DusPay offers full service prepaid and debit processing for the issuers.
  • A brand agnostic service for enabling acquirers and their merchants to accept credit, debit and prepaid card payments

DusPay Solutions

DusPay offers an enormous range of selective choices to banks and from bank platform and credit union platforms to consumer credit unions like electronic bill payment, item processing solutions, integrated ATM, debit, credit and prepaid services, and remittance solutions. All these services are delivered on our award winning, most popular software suites and matchless technology platforms.

DusPay Benefits

Our prime motto is to help our clients achieve the exact balance of incorporation and innovation to meet you precise business goals. With our Payment Processing Services, you can:

  • Get the advantages to geographical presence and technologically sound DusPay professionals, to access the support.
  • Take a better set of services with our tons of experience applying technology solutions in simply unique customer environments – and yielding the profitable results.
  • Providesome new services based on fee and raise the deposits with minimal capital investment.