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March 23, 2017

Payment Gateway

payment gateway

DusPay is a pioneer in payment gateway provider for every industry business. For any online business, secure and reliable payments processing is imperative. We provide world-class payment processing services for global businesses, to deliver seamless payment gateway with maximum approval competency. With quality assistance, advanced screening, multiple payment options and real-time reporting, DusPay payment gateway provides security and ensures secure protection layer to all size of merchants, industries, and processing volumes.

A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that processes credit card payments for online shopping or any transactions over the internet. Payment gateways facilitate these transactions transferring information between the both parties who are busy in transacting the same over web-enabled mobile devices and other gadgets.

How payment gateway works

The online transaction needs to be well secure, and thus we are here to support your website to the utmost level of full security and encrypted method. Payment gateways give assurance to both the party’s who are busy in transacting their online payment. We deliver secure and protective network which helps in securing their data and information via the multiplayer layer of cyber security and guarantee secure network for online payment transactions. When a customer places an order from any online store, the payment gateway performs following task:

  1. Encryption: The web browser helps in encrypting the data to be sent between vendor’s web browsers. The gateway then sends data to the payment processor through vendor’s acquiring bank.
  2. Authorization request The payment processor sends query and information to the card association, and bank views the authorization request and approve it or denies it.
  3. Filling the order This process includes updating the need and carting details with proper payment gateway page which transmits it to the website for processing the payment transaction.
  4. Then the payment gateways receive the response and forward it to the website where it is typically checked response relayed back to the cardholder and merchant.

DusPay payment gateway includes following features:

  1. Securing online debit, credit card, and other alternative payments mode.
  2. Securing online payment transaction by using various layer and helps in online fraud prevention.
  3. Whether mobile or from any web-enabled devices to make the transaction from anywhere at any time with full secure system network.
  4. Real-time generated reports.
  5. Fast setup and assistance help.
  6. Online management and reporting of your every transaction
  7. Dedicated account manager for your business
  8. 24/7 customer support
  9. Helps in sorting out reporting on sales, refund processes, charge-back and much more.

We at DusPay has expertise technical specialist for maintaining all your requirements in one go about an online payment gateway. Our services are well experienced by our past clients, and thus they still maintain the same relationship with us. We believe in quality services assurance and proper secure network for your every transaction of business over online. Hire our services for securing your network and website with full-fledged support and get rid of hackers and any unauthorized access.