Our Vision

July 18, 2016

Our Vision



DusPay is a service provider for electronic real-time payment procedures with integrated risk management. DusPay confirm to highest security standards and guidelines.We merge technologies, services and security into optimized solutions for our partners and merchants.The monetary aspect of e-commerce for online merchants is our core business – a service area that requires a maximum of mutual trust. DusPay achieve this relationship by clearly structured agreements, transparent dealings, consistent risk management and cooperation with our clients. In this way, DusPay enable our customers to concentrate on their actual business goal – producing sales.

DusPay offer various international acquirer partnerships that provide online payment systems for all areas of e-commerce, customized to the respective requirements and risk from payment methods like credit cards. DusPay focus on long-term collaboration which is profitable for all involved and the continuous expansion of our merchant and partner network. The DusPay service is determined by the needs and requirements of our customers and acquiring partners.


Platform Operation

It includes business operation, technical support and platform management; at the same time, it is the full-time Administrative Department that is responsible for carrying out technical guidance for the company’s business and relevant services, standardizing process flow, preparing technical standards, implementing technical management and carrying out technical supervision and coordination.

Business Development

Including Banking Cooperation Department and Marketing Planning Department, expanding cooperation channels for banks, including the discussion of bank rate, signing agreement, opening and cancelling account, managing certifications, accessing gateway, consulting with new products, re-signing the expiry agreement after being on-line, reapplying of the expiry certifications, to develop practical marketing strategy and sales target according to the cycle conditions of the company’s development in a deeper and a more comprehensive way and by combining with the market economy and demand dynamics, to make development plan and implement business cooperation comprehensively.