Our Mission

July 23, 2016

Our Mission


To provide quick, secure, affordable and complete e-commerce solutions to International merchants wanting to transact on-line business, and cost effectively enter the digital economy.


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Core Values:

DusPay, one of the best Payment Gateways, is built on and driven by some very simple but firmly held beliefs. These are:


Conducting business and treating clients, employees and business partners, in a fair and honest manner.


Be ever receptive to clients, needs and cater to them with innovative solutions, responsiveness, professionalism and attention to the minutest of details.


Attract and employ outstanding individuals and value their contributions by caring for them and their families. Use our skills and resources to improve our local, national and international community.


Constantly expand our knowledge base by acquiring and sharing information, and through proper training – internal and external.

Customer Satisfying

We adhere to the customer-oriented operation principle, to satisfy customers with its all-around multiple channels. The praise made by customer is the biggest wealth of an enterprise.

Endeavor First

We insist in centering struggles, realize a self-value, and increase professional quality. IBS seeks for survival and development during its endeavor.

Opening and Enterprising Spirit

Innovation means a development as the fountain of social progress. We firmly believe only continuous innovation and progress can present our products and services to customer in an all-around and high-standard way beyond expectations.


Integrity is a style, a form and a state as the foundation of success and the ladder of civilization. An enterprise is unable to be trusted and depended by customers unless it insists in integrity, obtaining final success.


We have done several mobile app and web projects by integrating it with Payment Gateway elements and increasing application engagement and customer satisfaction. Integrating with the various payment gateways enables an user to seamlessly make payments without any manual intervention and thus improves the customer retention for the application.