Online Payment Solutions – offer more options to pay with DusPay

May 30, 2017

Online Payment Solutions

Everybody want to increase sales opportunities and get paid faster, DusPay can help you accept card payments safely and quickly through Online Payment Solutions. Our simplified solutions offer online transaction processing, tokenization, and recurring billing – so your customers can make card payments 24/7. Your business runs on cash flow. DusPay can help reduce cash flow headaches with stress-free, affordable and convenient online payment solutions that make it easier for customers to do business with you. An online payment solutions allows you to accept payments securely through your website, giving your customers peace of mind and reducing your business risk.

The online payment solutions are probably the credit card devices – but on your website, it acts as virtual credit card terminal which permits your customers to pay for their purchases online. It’s possible to run an e-store in the absence of a payment solution, in spite your customers need to pay using their online banking. To help you focus on growing your business, we have a range of automated payment solutions. This displays you don’t need to worry about getting paid, chasing late payments or cash flow again.

So to simplify, the online payment solutions are the easiest and fastest method of payment to you and your customers.

For receiving online payments via credit cards or any other mode, you have to get an account with DusPay. Subsequently, you need to apply for a merchant agreement by one of our partners we deal with.

Get paid on time

If you are wasting valuable time chasing late payers in your business, DusPay can help. Automating your incoming payments means you will get paid well on time and every time which denotes you don’t have to waste your time chasing late payers. With DusPay collecting your incoming payments for you, you will have more time to explore opportunities, grow client accounts and pitch to acquire new business.

Save Time

Our robust software makes it easy for you to automate your incoming payments, reduce the complication of the manual payment system and stop wasting your valuable time on payment-related administration tasks and some more essential elements of conducting business – like serving your customers, planning for growth and swiftly taking advantage of new opportunities.

Cash Flow Improvement

With Online Payment Solutions of DusPay, you can get paid faster, decrease the cost of doing business and improve your internal business efficiencies. All of this adds up to smoother cash flow, a better financial position in any month and more cash on hand to enhance your business.

Flawless Integration

With DusPay, all of your customer information is accessible from one easy to use, exquisitely designed, centralized location. DusPay can integrate with your existing business management software so that you and your staff can multi-task from within the one screen. With DusPay, you can coordinate your systems and software to manage your customer operations flawlessly and without redundantly.

Affordable Solutions

We offer our Online Payment Solutions on competitive fee structure which is quite affordable for small businesses. With DusPay, you are liable to pay a small fee per transaction which we process for you – no administration charges, no monthly access fees, and no contracts. Our pay-only- what-you- use fee structure is risk-free.