Online Payment Services – best choice for ecommerce

May 30, 2017

Online Payment Services

Shopping on the Internet is a fact today and this is trending. The best aspect is, the Internet has the capability to take your business everywhere in the world through a website. This is why it has become an essential element to purchase through the Internet through many payment service providers, today this could be accomplished easily and safely. An Online Payment Service provider is an organization that provides online marketing services, it receives payments electronically by managing transactions between buyers and sellers. The most common payment methods that offered are using credit card, bank transfer and real time orders. Along with, Online Payment Services offers full guarantee against any risks to the customers who use these services. In this complete set of process, tax is also payable on every transaction customers made.

Accept payments by adding an online payment service to DusPay. When you send an invoice through email, your customer use to pay it by payment button securely using the online payment services. To set up a payment service in DusPay, you need to have an account with the payment provider, and the Adviser or Standard user role. You collect payments mainly through the cash or checks. Though this may be working for you at the moment, adding online payments provide a number of advantages to you and your customers.

With DusPay, the online payment services are faster and simpler than manual payments, meanwhile you don’t have to wait for the check to reach or for it to clear. The complete process from submitting an online payment to reflecting in your bank account through updating can take a few seconds. The end result is improved cash flow, and almost immediate confirmation of transactions.

The Process

For the complete understanding on how online payment services work, you typically need to know about:

  • A merchant account
  • An account with a payment service provider
  • A web page with a button e.g. Buy, Join, Donate that initiates the transaction process.

Once you have set up your web page and connect it to some online payment services, visitors on your site will be able to pay online for products or services. The online payment process initiates when the customer clicks the button to pay online for membership fees, a registration, to make a donation or purchase something from your online store.

On the online payment form, the visitors shoot their credit card information and submits the transaction request. It depends on your online payment services provider, the form may appear on your business website, or your customer may be redirected to your service provider’s website.

Safety and Security in Online Payment Services

DusPay is available on your local phone number or email to help you with any of your queries. All DusPay staff undergo screening and extensive background checks. DusPay online payment services allows you to accept customer payments online. It combines two essential elements:

  • An internet merchant account which manages the transfer of payments between the credit card of your customer and your bank account.
  • A payment gateway is there to communicate credit card data between the bank account, card providers and internet merchant account.