Online Payment Gateway – Take Payments Online with Duspay

May 31, 2017

Online Payment Gateway

Online payment Gateway
We pride ourselves in assisting our clients across globe in navigating all the payment options available over internet. With our online payment gateway you can quickly and securely do online transactions from your customers.

  • Choose the right payment method for your online business
  • Integrate your shopping cart system with site.
  • Accept global payment system.

Our payment gateway ensures centralized payment system which permits you to incorporate all your business payment forms and have complete figure of payment procedure. Online payment gateway allows the merchants to connect their online business site to their merchant account enabling them to process online payment transfer online quickly and easily. As we provide this services of maintaining and managing merchant account for your ecommerce website so that your customers or any interested parties can transact online with full security and reliability. You will get inclusive reports of every transaction with complete diagram of your content.

DusPay gateway checks for validity, encryption details, ensure proper decryption keys and response which sent back to shopping cart/billing/account system. The benefits of online payment gateway which we deliver are:

  • Secure and reliable transaction processing system.
  • Enables multiple currency payments which help in global transaction feasibility.
  • Online payment gateway can benefit your business in the form of reduced cost.
  • Our services assure less processing time and error.
  • Helps in generating report, settlements of payment, and any other account or transaction reconciliation
  • process concern.
  • Our integrated system of making your payment secure is prior concern.
  • Our online payment ensures that your site is fully safe and sound.

With quality assistance, advanced screening, multiple payment options and real- time reporting, DusPay payment gateway provides security. We ensures secure protection layer to all size of merchants, industries, and processing volumes. A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that processes credit card payments for online shopping or any transactions over the internet. We deliver the best way to protect your online transaction. Our expertise professionals are well versed in delivering services and securing your site. We also helps in maintaining and managing your suite information secures and fully encrypted. The quick and secure layout design of system makes it more GUI friendly and user friendly which eventually create a good impression on your payment system and thus build your credibility brand value.

Our services and clients are spreading across the globe and thus we are a global company delivering services to every ecommerce platform with a view to satisfy their needs and protect their online transaction.

We believe in quality services assurance and proper secure network for your every transaction of business over online. Hire our services for securing your network and website with full-fledged support and get rid of hackers and any unauthorized access. Our company has expertise technical specialist for maintaining all your requirements in an online payment gateway. Our services are well experienced by our past clients, and thus they still maintain the same relationship with us.