Online Credit Card Processing – accept all credit cards with DusPay

May 30, 2017

Online Credit Card Processing

By using online credit card processing through DusPay gateway, your business can accept credit cards against the purchase of your products or services and direct debits from your customers. You can start payments instead of waiting for your customers for the payment to you. Your business can opt to use our merchant portal which requires just a little knowledge of programming or one of our web service API’s which you can incorporate into your businesses including your e-commerce shopping cart where needed.

DusPay gateway is an online payment gateway provider for both high-risk merchants and low risk. Here Merchant gets complete payment solution authentically. Each Payment is valuable for us, so we offer our high-risk payment gateway with proper security aspects. DusPay gateway enables the merchant to accept payments through online credit card processing.

We provide all type of online credit card processing for the offshore and onshore merchant account for high-risk business. We provide the Gateway which is secured with PCI-DSS.

Our online credit card processing facility lets you accept payments from customers around the globe, using a variety of credit card brands, including MasterCard, Visa, Cirrus and Maestro. To support your business, we take a unique method to the credit card payments, focusing on real-time processing, and cardholder security. Through this method, we successfully reduce the occurrence of chargebacks, safeguarding your business, and strengthening your relationship with credit card providers.

We provide the payment gateways for online credit card processing, online check processing, with API Virtual Terminal for all high-risk business. DusPay gateway provides the payment gateway for every industry, whether they belong from high risk Industry or low-risk Industry. DusPay gateway is fastest and secure gateways for any of industry. If you are running any E-commerce organization and looking for best and longtime payment solution for your website.

Accept & Automate Online Credit Card Processing

A dedicated merchant account unblocks new revenue for your business through accepting credit cards with payments that are deposited within 2-3 business days. Versatile and customizable payment forms help to sell easily for you and paying flawless for your customers. A state-of- the-art Point of Sale (POS) system sits at the center of your payment acceptance and customer management engine.

Online Credit Card Processing Improves Cash Flow

The opportunity to create recurring revenue comes with the ability to accept one- time and repeat payments, even when you are on the move. Get and sustain more of your favorite customers. Create an enjoyable customer experience by offering the convenience of accepting credit cards with e-commerce and the ease of buying online. You could find every payment from credit card and transaction, communicate directly to your customer profiles, including even a single registration detail collected at the time of purchase.

Why DusPay gateway Online Credit Card Processing is your best choice?

  • Typically a five-business- days shift on the applications.
  • No need to visit banks.
  • Every step should be completed online for speed and ease.
  • Local phone and email support for integration and enquiries.
  • Your business data is stored securely.