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May 31, 2017

Offshore Merchant Account

We at DusPay offers reliable & cost effective offshore payment processing solution for online businesses. An offshore merchant account is commonly called as the international merchant account. It is payment processing options chosen by any business types. For international e-commerce companies, finding the best service provider is the very crucial step. As a pioneer in delivering quality offshore payment processing company, we assure the best security to credit card payment processing for numerous clients.

We believe in long-term relationship with our customers, and thus we undertake all those possible risks and analyze prior rendering our services. In the modern era of e-commerce pace, the offshore merchant account enables businesses to boost sales volume and significantly helps in increasing profit for the firm.

There are many benefits of offshore account service for your high-risk business:

  1. DusPay offers zero taxation protection against currency variation, and thus overseas become one of the best practices of online credit card processing services.
  2. Secure servers and upgraded technology tools help in making your online payments service safe and protected.
  3. The last features for making and opting for an offshore merchant account is accessing of multiple currencies.
  4. There are many advantages of offshore accounts whereas it cost much but in return, it also gives you maximum profit. The laws and rule in a maximum offshore account are very user-friendly that allows merchant account holder to practice trade internationally without any upper limit.
  5. There will be no payment hindrance while transacting money from one account to another because of high security and secure processing for the payment gateway.
  6. Banks and financial services are making their effort to maximize the operation of such trade practices over online this result in every sector economic growth.
  7. DusPay provides 24*7 customer support with lifetime assistance help,
  8. We understand your requirement, and thus we act accordingly.
  9. Our clients are spreading across the globe, and they are well satisfied with our foreign payment processing service.
  10. Online payment gateway assures your payment security and information will not leak at any cost.


Our technical expert does take care of that entire thing about safety and privacy. Offshore merchant account makes it more secure and best for the transaction as compared to traditional payment method system it gives less restriction in context to payment transactions. There are local laws and regulation which need to be followed carefully, and privacy related confidentiality must be taken into consideration. Once we set up your offshore bank account, the bank’s background, legal documents and other services like the internet, fax, and telephone services must be checked properly. Our reliable merchant account enables your account with full security and privacy and does not make it used by any unauthorized access. Offshore payment processing typically includes payment processing gateway which ensures your business transaction into a foreign country. There are many benefits of this kind of merchant banking. At DusPay you will get utmost satisfaction and service assurance, Contact us for making your offshore/international payment processing solution right from today!