best Offshore merchant account providers

May 30, 2017

Offshore merchant account providers

It is obvious that business entity has a lot of options to sell their product or service to people across the world. The website and application technology has helped a lot of business entities to grow their market worldwide with less investment. The modern technology is indeed a boon to most of the people, as it is possible to have a clear and smooth transaction process from every part of the world.

The use of Dus Payment Solution’s offshore merchant account

Convenience – Convenience is the major factor behind having an offshore merchant account, as it is not feasible for a customer to convert money and pay from a different source. It is important for every business entity to provide convenient options for the customer to pay in an easy way. As we see a lot of people prefer to buy the right product by researching online, it is obvious that one or more people would not mind spending extra money to buy a particular product of yours. We provide a suitable option for every customer play a major role in terms of selling products to people from another country, as it could be difficult to transact money from 3 rd party sources.

Saves Time & Effort – The other ways of transacting money is definitely available, but providing an easy source for the customer could save time for both the parties. Only an offshore merchant account can help you sell the product in an easy way, as the account will have an option of accepting payments from different banks across the world. An offshore account is a result of modern technology, as traditional methods include following different procedures to get the payment in hand. It saves a lot of time and effort to receive money from different banks across the world on a regular basis. Some of the merchant accounts do come with options of having a smooth transaction for both Indian and foreign customers, as they are tied up with different banks across the world to receive payment without hassles.

Cost Effective – Following the traditional process could cost you a lot of time and effort to receive the payment. Some of the hefty charges could bring down the revenue by the end of the day, as the process requires a resource to perform the activities. The offshore merchant account does not require any kind of effort either from you or your team, as every step happens automatically and credits the money directly to your bank account in a short span of time. It is indeed cost effective to use DusPay’s offshore merchant account services, as nominal charges could sound fair and reasonable compared to following the traditional method of transacting payment.

Online sources like mobile apps and websites provide an option to pay from offshore accounts, as it helps them to sell products to different people across the world. An absence of offshore merchant account could you a lot of customers from other countries, as they would not have an option to purchase with their financial details. For more details, mail us 24*7 at: