International Payment Processing at lowest rates

May 31, 2017

International Payment Processing

You could have customers anywhere in the world. We will facilitate you for International Payment Processing get covered with various presentment and settlement currencies. You will be provided safeguard against global fraud, with local payments expertise — all in one package.

DusPay welcomes you to have a life time experience, a new generation of international payment processing. DusPay delivers secure and time bound international payment processing services to all the major banks of the world and other payment services. These solutions help acquirers to fascinate more merchants and enhance profitability. With our unique platform, we have the capability to respond quickly to evolving technology, emerging security and payment card scheme standards. International Payment Processing from DusPay allow you to transact business in your customer’s home currency using only one processor.

DusPay’s payment solution offering is our compatible transaction platform, which we outsources to banks and technology providers. We handle international payment processing solutions, clearing settlement, authorization, reporting and risk management, and reconciliation.

The DusPay gateway connects to a big number of acquirers and processors worldwide so now you can process your payments anywhere, anytime, in various currencies.

Concept of Cross-Channel Payments

DusPay enables security-driven aspects of digital payments all across multiple channels worldwide, supported by unified International Payment Processing and management services. A comprehensive platform accessed by DusPay connection allows cross-channel activities, streamlines back-end integrations.

DusPay offer their customers easier and more secure payment methods to ensure that you always remain in a better position to successfully maintain and establish your market position.

DusPay features all the necessary international payment solutions, with all relevant services for all the currencies. We provide the best solution for you, tailor made to your business model and target markets, facilitating simple and reliable payment for the customers while at the same time optimally shielding yourself against payment frauds and default.

An Industry Leader

The systems of credit card payments is always keep changing. Pricing, regulatory and compliance issues are not a big deal what merchants would need to know. International Payments Processing highlights the secure and reliable payment solutions to support businesses succeed in a complex global marketplace.

Proven relationships

Our focus is to offer merchants the aptitude to concentrate on their individual business goals while International Payment Processing implements solutions to monetize. Our worldwide long-term direct acquiring partnerships and innovative solutions features International Payment Processing to achieve a competitive edge for every individual merchant relationships.

Unique kind of solutions

All our solutions are tailor-made to meet your particular requirements. This customized and personal service, is unmatched in the international payment industry. We ensure about the transactions which are processed promptly and deliver up to date market information like currency trading opportunities.

Dedicated Account Executives

Whenever you need have a question to be answered, you just need to contact to your dedicated Account Executive, who will be happy to help you and advise you accordingly. We believe in working together to achieve successful outcomes, so please don’t hesitate and be assured about our support, all the time.