International Payment Gateway – Deal Worldwide with DusPay

May 31, 2017

International Payment Gateway

Today the demands of global marketplace are the businesses which have comprehensive, secure and reliable services to manage international payments through International Payment Gateway. International trade requires a deeper understanding of trends and local preferences. We, at DusPay, understand the frequently changing global payments scenario and by providing our tailor-made services to match your business needs, we fulfill the vacuum in the market.

The new e-commerce technologies with international payment gateways are enhancing the global marketplace towards accessibility. As more and more consumers throughout the world opt for online shopping, the global online sales will be expected to rise to $3.5 trillion by 2019.


The Benefits of International Payment Gateway

  • It offers a broad range of alternative and traditional payment methods worldwide.
  • It has a very advanced sophisticated Fraud and Risk Management System which is operative on every international transaction.
  • It allows you to get the benefits of Multiple Currency Processing. Along with this, you can get Dynamic Currency Conversion.
  • It also features MasterCard Payment Gateway Services, to help you set up important contacts with international acquiring banks around the globe.
  • It simply believes in one contract, one connection and one reporting tool for all your payment types.


Multiple Currency Options

When you opt for selling online internationally, it expands your customer base, but proportionately it also expands your complications and competition. But we provide you the solution of your problems as to stand out by allowing your customers to pay in their local currency while using their preferred payment brand.


Dynamic currency conversion

Setting up the prices for international sales could be a tedious task because of fluctuating exchange rates, especially when customers are more likely towards buying when exchange rates are in their favor. An experienced payments partner like DusPay can give you invaluable advice on setting product and service prices.


Authorization and Settlement

Sometimes you face the issue of authorization and batch settlement, especially with the US. Instead of tackling with multiple bank accounts and payment processors in various countries, usually, merchants rely on their domestic processing partner like DusPay to handle authorization and settlement with the help of International Payment Gateway.


Fraud and Risk Management

For Fraud and Risk Management, the EMV chip card acceptance has proven effective in reducing present scams. Any businesses operating in the eCommerce ecosystem must take precautions, both in terms of technology solutions and best practices, to protect themselves. All merchants should find a processing partner like DusPay for the necessary requirements of technology and services to prevent from international online frauds and ready to accept secure payments.


Considerations for Selecting an International Payment Gateway

  • Compatibility – You need to have a Magento e-commerce platform for better response or select a proprietary CMS. Make sure you choose the payment gateway which will incorporate easily.
  • Ease vs. Security – You need to consider a hosted payment page on your site for another layer of security.
  • Fees, contracts, and reputations – It is mandatory to research on all the available options through all your resources to make sure about the reputation of the gateway, prices should be competitive, and their contracts need to be flexible enough for your projected needs.