International Online Payment Gateway Provider – DusPay

May 31, 2017

International Online Payment Gateway

In simple terminology, an International Online Payment Gateway is any software that enables the communication of transaction information. Payment Gateways are the servers and software that transfer transaction information to the acquiring banks and responds back to Issuing Banks (such as transaction is approved or declined). Mainly, Payment Gateways expedite communication within the banks. Finally, a payment gateway is an e-commerce service which processes the credit card payments for traditional as well as online stores. Payment gateways enable these transactions accomplished by communicating key information between the payment portals. Payment gateways achieve a dynamic role in the e-commerce transaction processes, authorizing the payments between customer and merchant. DusPay provides its excellent services as an International Online Payment Gateway.

Security is a fundamental component of DusPay gateways, as delicate data i.e. Credit Card Numbers require to be protected from any fraud. The card authorities have mentioned a set of instructions, rules and security-standards which must be followed by everyone with International Online Payment Gateway including access to the credit card information. This set of standards are the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS or PCI).

Placing and submitting an order is completed using HTTPS protocol usually, which securely communicates sensitive information through the parties comprise in that particular transaction. Many payment providers enable merchants with providing some excessive options when a card owner opt for a service or product. Aside from featuring the ability for real-time transactions, these payment providers help you to translate different currencies between two parties of different countries, as well as create a bridge language and common payment methods. International Online Payment Gateway usually charges those who use these payment methods a per transaction fee.

How International Online Payment Gateway work?

When a customer go for an order using an online store, the DusPay gateway performs several jobs to reach to the finalization of the transaction:

  • Encryption: The web browser sends the encrypted data to it and the web server of the vendor. The DusPay gateway then forwards the transaction data utilizing the vendor’s acquiring bank, to the payment processor.
  • Authorization Request: The payment processor transfers the transaction data to a card management association. The bank which issues the credit card receives the request of authorization and “accepts” or “denies” accordingly.
  • Filling of the Order: The processor then forwards an authorization about the customer and merchant to the DusPay gateway. Once the DusPay receives this reply, it transmits to the website or interface to start the payment process. Here, it is translated, and an appropriate response is communicated. This looks complicated and a lengthy process precisely takes only a few seconds. At this step, the merchant fills the order.
  • Clearing Transactions: The steps highlighted above are repeated to “clear” the authorization by a consumption of this transaction. However, the clearing is only initiated as soon as the merchant has completed the transaction (ship the order). The bank switches the “auth-hold” to the debit, permitting a “settlement” with the acquiring bank of vendor. The processor is then reverted upon to settle all of the approved authorizations from vendors with the respective of acquiring bank at the end of the day.

Other International Online Payment Gateway Functions:

Payment gateways also scrutinize orders with a countless of helpful tools. Due to the process the users would stay away of the frauds as much as possible.