A gateway that gives High Risk Payment Solutions

May 30, 2017

High Risk Payment Solutions

E-Commerce business has been rising gradually in the modern technological field due to up gradation of internet field and its various competitive technology standard.The business website needs to compatible with other correlated activities and tools such as online payment gateway, credit card processing and another security measure for securing your site for an online transaction. At DusPay we provide and ensure high-risk payment solution for your business need. High-risk merchants have high credit rate, and they have the upper return in the same. Likewise, it results in increasing risk of fraud and charge-back. E-commerce businessman who runs their high-risk credit risk businesses is always finding it hard to process credit card processing. DusPay is one of the very few among those company which delivers world-class support to merchants for their merchant account payment solutions.

We provide high-risk credit card payment gateway at very affordable prices and with great security support. We can give you service according to your size of business like low-risk business has web hosting from a lower rate service provider, and high-risk business web hosting has the higher rate. To help you find the right service provider for your e-commerce website, we have best of our expertise professional which will guide you and make you understand about the future scope and benchmark for your business site. We deliver high-risk payment solution where you can avail this following feature sand validity:

  • We have built a platform that works for you and your customer.
  • We have expert professional for best of your business support
  • Assisting you through any hurdle, you face while in payment processing.
  • Our services are quick and seamlessly design for making your customers and interested parties a great user interface with supportive GUI factor.

High risk payment solution is served by DusPay to following field/industry:

Airline tickets, car services, cigars/tobacco, computer hardware and software, dating  site, loan services, banking institution, downloadable software company, import-export services, mobile applications, online poker, tech support, social gaming,telemarketing, ticket agencies, broker insurance, online retail, pharmaceuticals, stock trading, electronics, law firms etc.

Online payment gateway is an absolute necessity for mail order and telephone businesses specially to accept deals with credit card payments. It is obvious because of unavailability of customer physically you need online gateway where they will transact money from their account to yours. A reliable merchant account is thus necessary to make them feel secure and protected while giving online information about their bank details and personal information. We thus ensure their information fully encrypted and protected by our high risk payment solution service. DusPay has numerous experienced in this field to maintain and protect interest of the clients and giving them best quality payment gateway service. Our expertise professional deal with updated technology and latest tools which give assurance of the data which provided by your customers and maintain it fully encrypted which helps it in preventing from any fraudulent practices and unauthorized access.