High Risk Merchant Account setup with Duspay

July 18, 2016

High Risk Merchant Account

High Risk Merchant Account DusPay provides High Risk Merchant Account and partner accounts with it’s varied range of reputable and Tier 1 acquiring partners, We have the best solution with top priority for your business, Regardless of your business needs – from terminal based to Internet payment processing we have the right solution for international business. DusPay offer a wide selection of Payment Gateways, POS Solutions and a full support platform that ensures you’re never out of reach from getting the help you require, right when you need it.

We offer support by one dedicated account manager, he will be the single point of contact for all your support and billing related queries. our support team is always there to answer the queries of the merchants. Merchants can apply for their own merchant account with dedicated billing descriptor or for an IPSP/Partner service

Additional Scope & Functionality Provided by DusPay

  • Multi-Currency transactions & Settlement
  • Competitive commercials and Fees
  • Custom Billing Descriptor
  • Fast Setup for your business
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • 24/7 support assistance
  • Inbuilt Fraud Protection Tools
  • Charge back Management Available at extra Cost
  • You can integrate other MIDs if you have for Credit Card Processing without gateway

Get the Recurring Merchant Account Solutions You Need

DusPay has been operating re-billing “recurring merchant accounts” for years and we work with a vast banking network that includes both domestic as well as international banking centers. DusPay Merchant Account Solution can provide processing services at competitive rates and fees for high risk business looking for high risk credit card processing.

Re-billing merchants will be amazed at the ease and convenience of our payment gateway as it can be integrates seamlessly with their shopping cart and website to make for painless transaction processing. For almost anything you want to do in life, there are professionals who handle the kind of situation you’re in every day. In this case, get in touch with DusPay to learn all about what your options are. Email your question to our customer happiness team at support@duspay.com and we will get back to you with an update for you.

DusPay accounts give you the flexible resources you need to grow your business online as well as offline. Businesses in high risk industries now have access to high risk credit card processors world-wide. Domestic and offshore high risk credit card processing solutions protect your business operations and safeguard your cash flow.
DusPay Merchant account and High risk credit card processing solution offers the real time pre-authorization on the customer transactions, Where merchant will have an option to void sale within 4 working days, which will really drop your CB ratio down for high risk business. Banks wants to work with only such merchant who can handle their chargeback by serving the customers well.

If you would like use our services to accept credit card payments from your online business, Email us or complete our online application form to get free rate analysis for your business.

Accept all Credit Cards @ 7%

DusPay provides all type of credit cards (VISA, MASTER, MASTERO, AMEX, DISCOVER, JCB, DINERS CLUB, etc.) processing solutions. Get matched with the best acquiring banks at an unbeatable rate start with 7%. Most reasonable merchant solution with free mobile app, fraud control tool and award winning customer tech support experience.
if you are looking for competitive pricing with weekly payout and advance fraud protection then Get your high-risk business approved with our acquiring banks. We are here to place every genuine merchant selling the product or services by website or by store.

Whether you’ve been terminated, recently declined, rejected, operate a high risk business, or have credit issues, let our High Risk Merchant Account experts work for you to get your merchant account approved for your business. Finding a high risk merchant account that meets your businesses needs is the key to a lasting relationship and trouble-free processing.

Email us at support@duspay.com our Team will get back to you with a solution that can meet your business needs. our high risk credit card processing offer pre-approved rates for high risk merchant account.