High Risk Merchant Account Service

May 30, 2017

High Risk Merchant Account Service

E-Commerce business normally includes two type of merchant account one with low risk and another with high risk. There are many credit card processor companies who prefers low-risk merchants, they normally play as a safe mode. High-risk merchant account service is preferred by those who wants to seek more competition and more risk while running their online payment gateway to run their eCommerce company.

At DusPay, we deliver our best high-risk merchant account survive to those businesses that are known as high-risk merchant account taker. We also offer our services which include following features:

  • Simplicity To The Utmost: We make it more accessible, reliable and simple for payment transactions.
  • Payment Gateway: We enable full featured payment gateway processing.
  • Compatibility: Our services and tools are compatible with all shopping carts and e-commerce services concern.
  • Mobile Solutions: Our graphical user interface (GUI) is processed with Android Smartphone, iPhone/iPad, etc.
  • Check Processing System: We make sure about your business’s electronic check processing system which generates sale, void, and refund. Etc.
  • Technical Tools: We will make sure about your every batch upload facilities and transaction reporting system.

The main reason and point to consider for the high-risk merchant account are managing the charge back. High-risk taker merchants account business always tries to accommodate their profit earning potential. There are many advantages and disadvantages of high-risk credit card processing. You need to hire such service provider who can assure the overall impact of choosing high-risk merchant account services. DusPay thus understands your every business traits and functionalities and prevent all those charge back penalties. In general sense, low risk merchants are always prone to becoming high-risk merchant account because of higher charge backs.

High-risk factor typically implies in these Industries often considered being high-risk merchant account holder”: Money-making products and services, charities, monthly memberships and subscription services, insurance, jewellery, Alcohol, tobacco and electronic cigarettes, adult entertainment, holiday clubs, affiliate marketing, drug products , airline, travel, tourism and lodging, debt management and collection agencies, tech support, software, advertising services, online auctions, events and tickets, penny auctions, file sharing, VPN,payday loans, gambling, foreign, e-wallets, pyramid selling, dating and escort services, and many others.

For hiring High-Risk Merchant Account Service provider for your e-commerce site, following are some important points need to consider:Experience: Numerous merchant account providers specialize in different niches considering their high-risk sector. Those service providers deal with the issues in merchant account rendering services they have well experience in the field, and they can only solve your high-risk queries.

Customer Service: The customer is always standing on the peak, and thus chargeback and refund issues are always prone to high-risk merchant account holders. So you need to hire the best high-risk merchant account service provider to secure your website and give seamless transaction processing system to your businesses.