July 16, 2016

DusPay Payment Gateway Features at a Glance

An online payment gateway permits you to process card transactions in real-time over your website. Our convenient features make it easy and secure for you to accept online payments.Give your business the best online payment processing services using DusPay.



Payment Gateway

Accept all major payment methods including credit cards, debit cards.


Debit Cards:

A consumer who is on a budget can also benefit from using a debit card since he’s only able to use the amount on the card. There’s no need to worry about interest charges or late fees with debit cards.


Credit Cards:

With a payment gateway, credit card payments are processed instantly and your customers receive immediate response. Feedback includes real-time information on whether a payment transaction was approved or declined.


Subscription, Mobile and Web Availability

Integrate an online payment gateway solution for subscriptions.



In this era, no matter where you are but it is very easy & simple to open any website with the help of mobile without carrying laptop & PC. Opening a website in mobile phone is equal to other website in that it consists of browser-based HTML pages that are linked together and opened over the Internet (for mobile typically WiFi or 3G or 4G networks).


Web payments:

Through laptop or PC doing the task become more convenient and easy to understand.In the Widgets tab you can freely drag and drop the web form widget into the three areas of your blog: side bar, side bar next to the text and the footer area. Each web form can be displayed in the original GetResponse layout.

Easy integration Options

Easy integration Options

Take advantage of our easy and secure integration. Seamlessly integrate DusPay using:



APIs allow your content to be more easily embedded or interwoven throughout your sites or other applications. Thus, you can ensure a smooth and integrated user experience, and relevant and up-to-date information, for the user. The Warrior Express (Direct API) solution is a service dedicated to merchants that are seeking a direct connection to the Merchant Warrior Payment Gateway.


Mobile SDK:

If you’re already using one of these gateways, or have yet to choose a gateway to process your payments, one that has a well-supported mobile SDK would be a good option. Card data is handled by their library, limiting your PCI compliance exposure and implementation effort.


Plugin Integration:

The plugin enables adding web forms created in GetResponse anywhere in your WordPress blog as well as inside your posts. Once installed the plugin will activate a small drop-down menu inside the WP blog editor. It will include a list of all your GetResponse web forms.

Built-in fraud Prevention

Built-in fraud Prevention

Rest easy knowing we apply highly advanced fraud monitoring and fraud prevention tools to every transaction, bringing our services to one of the highest level of safety in the industry.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

It is an online version of Credit/ Debit card swipe machines used in the stores. Customer can order via phone, fax or email with their debit or credit cards without you having the physical card with you. Virtual terminals are internet-based, meaning there’s no software to download, and the terminal can be accessed from any internet-connected computer. With a virtual terminal, you can log in to your account to process payments and view reports from the virtual terminal “dashboard” or menu. Virtual terminals are frequently used in one location, such as a home office, but they can be used in different locations.

Online Invoice

Online Invoice

Its a 3 step automated invoice preparation which is the online version of the traditional invoices with the ability to collect payments via debit or credit cards. You can send your customers an invoice linked via email, sms , whatsapp or QR code. QR codes are two dimensional quick response codes that are now gaining notability and popularity in the United States. They are easy to use and versatile. The code itself stores huge amounts of information that is easily scanned and stored onto a mobile device. QR Codes are used everywhere and on anything. QR codes are easy to make, cost effective, and are a very quick way to transfer information.

QR Code Payment

QR Code Payment

Forget about RIFD barcodes and say Hello to QR codes. Place the QR code on the items in your retail store and let your customers checkout avoiding long queues. QR code shopping cart feature, converts more revenue for your business.

Shopping cart Integration

Download the plug in and Integrate our payment gateway to all major shopping carts in the market. Get your eCommerce store up and running in less then 5 minutes. our payment gateway is compatible with all major CMS platforms. In online marketing, a shopping cart is a piece of eCommerce software on a web server that allows visitors to an Internet site to select items for eventual purchase, analogous to the American English term “shopping cart” Working with 1st parties we indirectly support a large range Shopping Cart Plug-Ins for many the main eCommerce shopping carts currently in use.

POS Machine

POS Machine

All you need is a Barcode scanner and an internet connection to turn any phone, tablet or computer to a POS Machine. Save on the monthly and yearly POS fees. Our point-of-sale (POS) payment options let you accept credit or debit card payments in the store or on the go. As an industry leader, you can count on us to offer the latest technology, top-of-the-line security, exceptional uptime and outstanding customer support. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you with selecting the right solution to exceed your business requirements.

White Label

White Label

Create your own brand by setting up a payment gateway for yourself. Charge your own preset percentage per transaction to your merchants. Your merchants will only be able see your brand on the front and we will be working behind the scenes for you.