Ecommerce payment gateway – complete ecommerce payments solution

May 31, 2017

Ecommerce Payment Gateway

An online payment gateway permits you to process card transactions, both debit & credit cards, in real-time over your website. The bank provides a payment gateway to its customers, but it can also be provided by a specialized financial service provider as a separate service, such as a Payment Service Provider (PSP). A payment transaction is enabled by a Payment Gateway by transferring the information between a payment portal (such as mobile phones or the website) and the front end processor or Acquiring Bank.

Let us now understand how does a Payment Gateway works:

The first thing that happens is the buyer initiates a purchase. After selecting the desired products and adding them to the cart the buyer opts to check out by clicking on the ‘pay now’ button. Then the buyer has to fill in his personal details as well as the shipping address and select a payment option. After doing this the buyer is being navigated to a Payment Gateway where he needs to select the card type and enter the card details. This is done in the secured servers of the Payment Gateway away from the seller’s website hence waiving off the seller from any kind of liability related to such payment. Once the information is entered, the Payment Gateway handles the transaction & sends the information through the desired payment portal (VISA, Amex, MasterCard etc.). After the verification of such payment, the customer is sent back to the seller’s website and is given the confirmation regarding the successful completion of the transaction. So, here we see how a third party who’s specialized in handling such data in a secure way, handles all the information shared by the customer through their trusted servers via Payment Gateway, thus setting the seller free of any payment related responsibility and allowing him to focus on achieving his ultimate goal.

We, at DusPay aim at making it easier for you i.e. the businesses/sellers to take payments from your respective clients/customers without letting them compromise their security while they decide to transact using their Credit/Debit Cards. Give your business the best online payment processing services using DusPay. Our convenient features make it easy and secure for you to accept online payments. We provide easy integration options to our clients through which you can seamlessly integrate DusPay using API, Mobile SDK Plug-in Integration.

Some of the other features of our Payment Gateway includes Built-in Fraud Prevention, Virtual Terminal, Online Invoice, QR Code Payment, Shopping Cart Integration and POS Machine, the details of which are provided under the “Feature” tab on our website

Experience the top notch services from our end, that too for a very nominal charge and you can get rid of the headache of handling the online payments section for your Business which would give you ample time to focus more on other areas of your Business thus, taking it to a whole new level.