Ecommmerce Merchant Account – Setup online merchant trading account

March 17, 2017

Ecommerce Merchant Account

Ecommerce Merchant Account
Ecommerce has transformed the world as we knew it, in innumerable ways. In today’s world, a large number of people prefer going online whenever they need to buy anything, thus, making the old-school ways of operating a direct sales business obsolete. Due to this change in preference, Web has become an exceptionally promising platform for all types of retailers to help them uplift their business, provided they have a captivating website which is backed up by a reliable ecommerce merchant account.

Now, we must understand what exactly a Merchant Account is?

Merchant Account comprises of a relationship between a Merchant, a Payment Gateway an Acquiring Bank. Through this relationship a business can legally accept credit or debit card payments online from cardholders purchasing goods or services from their business. Payment Processors, Member Service Providers Independent Sales Organisation can also be a part of a Merchant  Account contract.

Why do sellers need a merchant account?

There are several benefits of having a merchant account which helps the sellers to establish a strong customer base. These benefits may be summed up as follows:

  • Provide safe payment options to customers: Having Merchant Account helps the sellers to gain the trust of their customers. The customers feel secured while using their cards for making the payment as it happens to be done through a trusted source.
  • Protect the sensitive data: Having a Merchant Account helps in protecting the highly sensitive data, which is shared by the customer while transacting, from being compromised thus ensuring the confidentiality of the customer’s card details.
  • Prevent oneself from fraudulent transactions and charge-backs: The presence of Merchant Account minimizes the risk of any fraudulent activities and also prevents the seller from any kind of penalties resulting out of such activities.

The Merchant Account holders are required to abide by the rules regulations set up by the card schemes like Master Card, VISA, American Express etc. Merchant Accounts are subject to varying fees. These fees can either be implemented through recurring billing or at a percentage of each transaction or sometimes both.

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