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March 17, 2017

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing

Ecommerce Credit Card Processing
In today’s world i.e. the 21st century, it has become essential for business powerhouses to be able to accept credit cards to build their business. Having an online business requires a fast and secure credit card processing system. As an esteemed Merchant Solution Provider, DusPay will help your company with a complete payment acceptance solution from the beginning till the end. We’ll help you set up a Credit Card Processing Account, credit card terminal or a payment gateway for your business. Our customer service team is here to help you find the best suited solutions for your business.

Let us understand the working mechanism of Credit Card Processing.

The sellers/businesses look to offer their customers a safe and easy way to pay online. To avoid hit falls and make the most effective choice to protect grow your business, you need to know as to how online payment functions from start to end. The main players in an online payments are the sellers and their customers. To accept credit cards from their customers, the sellers need to have an Internet Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway (SSL Certified recommended). Once these are done, this is what happens. Customers make purchases on the sellers’ checkout page by submitting their payment information. This information is then sent to the payment gateway where the information is encrypted and is transferred through a series of approved payment processors and networks for authorization where the payment is either accepted or declined. This decision shoots back to the customers and he’s made aware as to whether the transaction has been authorized or not. This whole process takes about 2 seconds. The final process happens once the payment processors receive the transaction sent by the payment gateway and the money gets transferred from the customer’s bank to the seller’s bank.

To decide about the best online payment system for your business you must verify the following:

  • Whether the system is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliant, has a Trusted Name and safe?
  • Whether the payment system is reliable i.e. is it always available with backup system in place?
  • Whether the payment system is easy to use i.e. is it easy to integrate and flexible?

We at DusPay have all bases covered. We also have the Merchant Management Center that allows merchants to track sales, manage orders and subscriptions process returns directly from the back-end. DusPay provides hassle free services to their clients so that they can focus more on how to grow their business by leaps bounds rather than being bothered regarding merchant solutions. We believe in providing the best-in- class services to our client’s and that too at a very nominal rate which may help you to optimize the services provided to your very own client(s) in an economical manner. You may visit the “Credit Card Processing” section under the “Services” present on our website for more details. Be a part of DusPay to experience the top notch services provided by us and we won’t let you down.