E-Check Processing

April 28, 2017

DusPay eCheck Processing at a Glances

eCheck Processing starting at 7 % for International Merchants

Collect Single or Recurring Payments Directly From a Consumer or Business Account.
Accept check Payments By Phone, Web, or Secure Virtual Terminal.

Increase your customer base and online revenue with flexible payment options

In the current market Not all consumers have, or choose to utilize, credit cards to make online payments. For many merchants, this can be a missed revenue opportunity in the business prospects. DusPay offer a flexible alternative ACH and eCheck payment options an alternative to credit card payments.

Providing multiple payment alternatives at the point of checkout ensures that your online business can service all potential customers, regardless of their preferred payment option. You would be able to grave maximum revenue for your business.

DusPay provides faster settlement for the transaction processed by our gateway. DusPay also offer and full transaction tracking from the backend admin. Diversify your payments and expand your market with ACH and eCheck along with credit card payments on your website.


Benefit of Accepting eCheck Payments

  • Offer additional payment options to convert more customers
  • Provide an alternative for customers without credit cards
  • Reduce the risks common to accepting physical checks
  • Protect your business’s credit rating
  • Shorten check-payment acceptance times
  • Access processing reporting to rectify payment errors
  • Less chances of chargeback
  • No early termination of the merchant account


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How ACH Payments work?

  1. The customer makes a request to send money to a merchant, and asks for authorization
  2. The merchant authorizes the request, and provides written, digital or verbal authorization of the payment (including ‘terms and conditions’ for the customer to accept)
  3. The customer lodges their payment via the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network, which sends the money to the RDFI (Receiving Depository Financial Institution) for processing
  4. The merchant receives their funds and sends goods/service to the customer

For more information on our eCheck processing solution, Reach out to us at support@duspay.com