eCheck Payment Processing – process check online with DusPay

May 30, 2017

eCheck Payment Processing


An eCheck is an electronic payment funded by the buyer’s bank account. It is a form of online payment where money is electronically withdrawn from the payer’s checking account, transferred over the ACH network, and deposited into the payee’s checking account. eCheck is one of the popular method of processing payments. It is significant to have every possible option for secure flow of transaction, as it is not advisable to lose out a customer for any reason. DusPay’s eCheck Payment Processing solution is a modern way of transacting payment, where the process takes place very much similar to the traditional cheque.

An eCheck Payment Processing is a result of online transacting concept, where it happens to be one of the safest methods to transact money by replacing either card or online banking way. eCheck Payment Processing may not be a popular mode of payment in many countries, but it is very much essential for business people to have an option of using the eCheck facility.

The eCheck have been accepted worldwide and most of the travelers would prefer to travel with eCheck instead of depending on the offshore merchants in every location. Contact DusPay to talk with our assistant team and enable eCheck payment processing system in your website.

Benefits of eCheck Payment Processing

  1. Faster processing times provide a key advantage for business owners. Paper checks must go through numerous steps before the money moves from the customer’s account to the merchant’s, which can take several days. An electronic check often processes in half that time, which means the business gets its money faster. This allows businesses to more easily manage their bills and creates a more stable financial situation for the business.
  2. Less hassle of chargeback ratio
  3. High Security – encryption of bank details enabling reduced risk of fraud and scams.
  4. Simple Process – e-checks are a payment solution which is easy to understand and use for customers worldwide.
  5. Instant Payment – the customer’s payment is acknowledged and approved instantly.
  6. Accessibility – ability to make payments anytime through the online gateway at anytime.
  7. Environmentally Friendly – the method is favored by customers as it illustrates environment awareness.



Discount Rate   5%-14%
Monthly Maintenance Fee   $99
Transaction Cost   $2 – $5
Refund Fee $10
Return Fee   $35-$45
Wire Fee $75
Rolling Reserve   10% (for 6 months)
Settlement Period Weekly on following Wednesday

NOTE:- Final terms would be decided after pre-approval depends upon the risk factor involved in business.