eCheck payment gateway – process payment and secure them in your account

May 30, 2017

eCheck payment gateway

Merchant is always looking for increasing their sales and revenue. Nowadays  every business is looking for multiple merchant accounts which can result in  making their product and services to millions of customers. Nowadays the use of  eCheck payment gateway is opting by every business owner for reaching their  customer regardless of any geographical boundary in United States.

An e-check payment gateway can also be used by high-risk businesses. Also the  gateway solution is not delivered by every eCheck payment gateway services  provider. We at DusPay provide high-risk merchant account for the business like  yours. If you want to do your business in the top list under your business niche,  then hire us for best eCheck gateway service and experience our service to the  utmost. Make your business updated with all new set of merchant account which  we offer. ECheck payment process consists of digital signatures, encryption  process, and authentication procedure which plays a very candid role in making  your customers transaction safe and authenticate. ECheck thus helps in saving  your vital time and cut off the unnecessary use of paper works. The traditional  way of the transaction is now nowhere, upgrade your business with us and give  tough competition to your competitors. At DusPay we enable service with proper  customer assistance, so you can consult whenever you can; after our service.

You can create your merchant account without any setup fees. We deliver instant  result and process to create your account.

What are the benefits of eCheck for your business?

1. Those customers don’t prefer to use the credit card for shopping now they  can shop from your site and thus you can create more revenue by hiring this  service.

2. Now you can save money by accepting payment method which is the best  option than paper checks or credit card processing system.

3. Helps in dealing with lost sales. Now you can help your site from fraudulent  through real-time system application tools.

4. It reduces paper works and initiates digital way of the payment system.

At DusPay we guarantee our services and ensure these following benefits:

• Fully secured payment gateway
• No setup fee
• 100% genuine gateway
• Easy navigation to register
• API enables services

Our eCheck service enables you to manage invoice process of collecting,  submitting and tracking of different accounts of customer. Customer always gets  fed up with billing and other related procedure. eCheck payment gateway thus  create a seamless process which save time, give security, increases reliability and  thus helps in quick payment method system between you and your customers. it  thus lower your processing cost and increase revenue.

If you are not using this services yet then this is the right time, consult with our  team of DusPay and know more about the eCheck payment gateway scope and  account set up procedure.

DusPay is pioneer in the field of securing your site by enabling eCheck payment  gateway to your business website. Our numerous clients across globe are satisfied  with our services and still they are willing to continue for more. We deal with  expert professional’s team of merchant account services who all having  professional experience in the same field from past few years.