Credit Card Processing

July 18, 2016

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Accept Credit Cards Online or by Phone…for Less.
We Charge
>7 % + $0.50
$15 per month
No Setup Fees
No Monthly Fees
No Contract, Cancel Any Time
Apply Online in Minutes


                        Shopping Cart

QuickClick Shopping Cart

DusPay offer online credit card processing with quick click shopping cart, which is a great option for e-commerce merchants who do not have an IT team or developer on staff.  This simple solution is also known by eCommerce credit card solution. A button-generator is included in the payment portal, which allows merchants to create website links to products and services without any previous development experience. If you need assistance or want to see our demo of Quick Click Shopping Cart – credit card processing just email us and we will send you the demo link and details.

Third Party Shopping Carts

DusPay has available plugin for various shopping cart and adding many more. There are a number of third party shopping carts that have integrated to the payment gateway. This is the best option for merchants who need a full featured turn-key shopping cart out of the box. These shopping cart can also be used for mobile credit card processing. So the user can proceed to the payment even if they are browsing the merchant website by their handy cellphone. If you have your website platform with any of the Shopping Cart, You may contact our Technical Tech Support team to know the availability of the plugin, else you can always use our direct checkout system.

Payment Gateway Features You’ll Love


Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI)
Our Card processing solution and Advance Transaction Routing Interface  Allows a merchant with multiple MIDs on a single gateway account to automatically determine which MIDs to route transactions to based on advanced load balancing directives which can be configured within the gateway, If merchant has the various merchant account for high risk processing and what to divert the traffic of the MID on the basis of the geographical location of the card holder they can be directed to desired MID. This feature can be used by the merchant at No cost.


Manage Multi-MIDs by Single Gateway
Board multiple MIDs to a single gateway account to consolidate reporting, manage branches, organize products, etc. This can also help you to manage the referral commission of offer the incentive to your sales people according to their performance which can be downloaded from the gateway on the basis of sales referral key given to the customer by your sales agent. Give a try to our highly secure credit card processing payment gateway with Multi MIDs at no extra Cost.


Virtual Terminal
DusPay virtual terminal is basically the web based setup of the of a physical credit card terminal or Point-of-Sale (POS) machine. It is a software application that is hosted on our server and can be accessed by the user online with their user login details, A virtual terminal can be accessed from any internet connected web browser in PC or mobile phone. Our merchant of high risk card processing like It support, technical Support, Software support and many other companies which accepts the order over the call from the customers.

Recurring Billing
Also known as REPEAT BILLING Deliver Service Without Interruption of services to the customer. We at DusPay made it easy to accept repeat or recurring online payments for software, subscription-based businesses, donations, and  many more — without much fear of interruption, and at extra additional cost beyond standard pricing. Setup payment plans & subscriptions without having to collect payment information again. Our Software can be Assign to interval to process the recurring.

Customized, Merchant Processing Environments



Mobile API
Provides developers with a toolkit that makes adding card readers to a payment application seamless and straightforward. You can integrate our solution to Android and iOS application of your company.

                    gatewaye API

Gateway APIs
Take advantage of our flexible Integration  and Library that enables you to support eCommerce, Mobile and Retail payment processing environments for your customers by any  internet based device.


Batch Processing
Facilitates processing large quantities of payments efficiently by multi-threading simultaneous transaction requests. Request support to enable this option in your MID with a Fee of $15 Month.

Merchant Management Center

Stay Connected to Your Business

The Merchant Management Center is a secure online management tool  of back-office that allows merchants to track sales, manage orders and subscriptions, process returns directly from the back-end, Merchant can also void the transaction from the MMC, however a request has be sent to to enable this feature in your high risk merchant account free of cost.

With the Merchant Management Center you can: Track your business more efficiently with centralized access to the information that matters. Manage your business 24×7 with easy-to-use, flexible account and transaction management tools, create user according the department if you are a large organization, Adding this feature you can Protect your business against fraud and guard your customers’ confidential information. All free with your merchant account of high risk credit card processing.

Available from any  internet web-connected device – your business is always at your fingertips with the Merchant Management Center offer of DusPay.