credit card processing terms

September 14, 2017

Credit Card Payment Processing


A cardholder begins a credit card transaction by presenting his or her card to a merchant as payment for goods or services. The merchant uses their credit card machine, software or gateway to transmit the cardholder’s information and the details of the transaction to their acquiring bank, or the bank’s processor.
When a sale is made on a credit card, the customer has as much time as they’d like to pay off their credit card. For any type of business or non-profit to accept credit and debit cards, they need a merchant account. funds 2 business days after the transaction is made.


1. World class service availability at a fraction of the price of an in-house solution.

2. Process transactions anytime, regardless of volume growth or peaks.

3. pen up new sales channels quickly.

4. Change or make use of multiple acquiring banks as your business needs evolve.

5. Integrate easily with all major commerce platforms using XML APIs.

6. Protect yourself with credit card fraud management solutions.

7. Receive 24×7 operations support

8. Accepting credit cards legitimizes your business.

9. Accepting credit cards can boost sales

10.Accepting credit cards can improve your cash flow.

11.Accepting credit cards is crucial if you do business online.

12.Accepting credit cards eliminates the risk of accepting a bad check.

13.Credit cards are convenient for customers.

14.Getting set up to accept credit cards is quick and easy.

15.Lightning speed payment processing.

16.Cards accepted : Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Jcb cards5



Discount Rate   8%-17%
Setup Fee   $500-$2000
Transaction Cost   $2 – $5
Refund Fee   $10-$20
Chargeback Fee   $30-$40
Wire Fee   $75
Rolling Reserve   10% (for 6 months)
Settlement Period Weekly on following Wednesday

NOTE:- Final terms would be decided after pre-approval depends upon the risk factor involved in business.