Credit Card Processing For Small Business – accept payments online and grow

May 30, 2017

Credit Card Processing For Small Business

In present scenario accepting credit cards is one of the best decisions for a small business. If you only accept cash, you are missing out on sales volume. But the toughest job for the owners is to select credit card processing for small business. A huge range of credit card processors available in the arena and in many ways businesses accept credit cards. With all these aspects you feel on extra edge in your business.

The best credit card processing is one designed for the specific and unique requirements of your small business. It not only supports you to pick and choose the types of credit card processing for small business that are best suited for your services and products but is also economical and doesn’t impose rigorous requirements or restrictions just because you are a small company.

DusPay gateway features a comprehensive and affordable credit card processing for small business. We allow you to accept credit cards in multiple ways — using a credit card swipe machine, mobile phone, POS system and online with different pricing options based on the sales volume. DusPay Gateway also offers a merchant account, including those for high-risk businesses that often have difficulty obtaining one. DusPay gateway is available with 24/7 email support, helpdesk and live chat support.

The credit card processing for small business has below-mentioned steps to complete the transaction.


In this, the customer enters his credit card or the details of his credit card for payment.


DusPay server is there to manage the routing process of the data on behalf of the merchant by forthcoming steps.


DusPay forwards the information of secure transaction via a protected connection to the Processor. The Processor of merchant bank forwards the transaction to the credit card network (like MasterCard or Visa). These credit card networks route the transaction to the financial institution or bank issued the credit card to the customer.


The issuing bank accepts or refuses the transaction based on the available funds in customer’s bank account and reverts the transaction results to the credit card network. The credit card network transmits the transaction results to the processor of merchant bank. The processor sends the transaction results to DusPay.


DusPay stores the transaction outcomes and guides these results to the portal for the merchant and the customer.


Here the merchant delivers his products i.e. goods or services, to the consumer.


The issuing bank transfers the required funds for the transaction to the credit card network, which sends the fund to the merchant’s bank. The bank now deposits the amount into the bank account of merchant. This is known settlement, and the transacted amount is deposited into the primary bank account of merchant within four business days. Industry standard payment form to rule payments for credit card processing for small business. With no redirect, the consumer never leaves your website while paying.

The payment starts and ends on the same page with all major credit cards. For credit card processing for small business, you get new payment modes and features without upgrading manually time to time again. Integrate once and provide hassle-free payments. Also, tap into one of the largest stores of saved cards with Flash Checkout. Provide your customers with the most seamless checkout experience. Your customer doesn’t need to fill the One Time Password (OTP) manually anymore, because of our feather light Android SDK.