fastest Credit Card Processing Online

May 30, 2017

Credit Card Processing Online

Credit card processing services from DusPay are designed to meet your payment needs of the organization. Regardless of the size of your business we deliver our quality services to every needy business and secure their credit card processing online. We provide our services to every industry segments. The credit card supportteam of DusPay has deep industry knowledge of credit card rules and regulations with the cost to deliver best merchant account and processing service to our clients.

Credit card processing online system mainly ensures information which provided by both the parties are secure and give seamless services to the payment gateway.

Following are the main benefits and deliberate features of credit card processing:

  1. Payment Gateway: Credit card processing provides your organization best platform for every payment solution includes credit, debit and another source. For every e-commerce business, the main aspect to deal with the customer is to secure network properly and its system which initiate payment transaction over online.Customer prefers secure, reliable and encrypted gateway for their safety and security.
  2. P2P Encryption: Point-to- point encryption is mandatory for every online business organization for attaining maximum level of protection against unauthorized access. PTP is a combination of services and technical tools which initiate secure devices and encrypted application and processes while payment transaction is held. It encrypts data from sender and decrypts by the receiver and both the process consist of technical aspect which secures all the information very protected and gives assurance to your payment gateway transaction.
  3. Reporting Online: Online reporting tools help in storing and retrieving necessary data which includes transaction details like real-time data, charge back details,reconciliation of any transaction and its report, and much more necessary information.
  4. Dashboard: Dashboard reporting plays the very vital role and deliver necessary information like real-time insights, payment modification process before payment mechanism, and other activity management details.
  5. Virtual Terminal: A virtual terminal enables you to authorize, manage, and control credit card processing online transaction with an internet connection. This tool is typically used for various reasons which give following features:
    • It enables mail processes and phone communication through a browser-based interface.
    • It thus generates the receipt, memo, and other invoice details which send then via email for customer conveniences.
    • It stores other information which helps various feedback and survey concern.

DusPay keeps their works and processes transparent for vivid and candid service.Our data is secured by secure socket layer (SSL) and our every payment transaction gateway deals with such layer security and keeps your data safe. We understand your website and all safety concerns and prevent other fraudulent activities on your site. If you are looking for the full-fledged credit card processing services, then consult today with your customer assistance team and enjoy our seamless credit card processing online service from today. Grow your business with our payment gateway service and secure your credit card processing system with full authenticity.

No matter how big or small your business size is, for making your online trading safe and protected from a reliable source hire us and develop your business.