Credit Card Merchant Account – take payment by credit cards for merchants

May 30, 2017

Credit Card Merchant Account

Credit Card Merchant Accounts are there for reconciliation of the payments sent to the merchant on all successful sales. These are those funds that were approved by the complete payments ecosystem. This is the last point before you accept the funds in your ordinary business bank account. DusPay offers a Credit Card Merchant Account for its customers.

Credit Card Merchant Account is a kind of business bank account which allows a business to receive and process credit and debit card transactions. Credit Card Merchant Accounts are essential for online businesses. There are various types of Credit Card Merchant Accounts to select from for your business. So a Credit Card Merchant Account is an agreement between a merchant bank, a retailer, and a payment processor for the settlement of credit card or debit card transactions.

When a customer pays for a purchase using a credit card the funds are first arrived into the Credit Card Merchant Account and later will transfer to the business bank account. If you are opting to operate an e-commerce business website through DusPay and need to accept credit card payments online, you need to have one Credit Card Merchant Account.

A Credit Card Merchant Account functions almost like a normal bank account. After every successful sale, money is transferred into the Credit Card Merchant Account. A Credit Card Merchant Account can accept many forms of payment, including debit and credit cards as well as alternative payment methods. You can think of the Credit Card Merchant Account as an online holding tank for all of the sales you will make online. Once the payments have been deposited into your Credit Card Merchant Account, they got transferred to your normal business bank account, where they can then be withdrawn. This transfer process typically occurs on a set schedule, for example, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Internet Credit Card Merchant Accounts

An internet Credit Card Merchant Account is specifically designed to hold the proceedings from the online payment processing of credit cards.

For receiving credit card payments over the internet you need a payment gateway, which validates the submitted credit card information. The payment gateway submits the transaction application to the credit card company issuer for authorization for payment. Some vendors like DusPay, offer one-stop solution which don’t need a separate payment gateway.

Establishing a merchant services account and executing a merchant processing agreement are the first steps to get you started with credit card processing. Before you open a Credit Card Merchant Account, it’s important to know which account is right for you, and how the right payment processing solutions can help you manage and grow your business.

Opening a Credit Card Merchant Account with us brings the added benefits of working with one of the leading merchant services providers in the United States and top three in Canada. We’ve been in business since 1985 and, over time, we’ve developed a complete line of products and services to help your business succeed.

We understand that your credit card payment processing needs vary according to your business size and industry, so we offer specialized payment processing for many types of business — travel, restaurants, retail, and many more. For online business, our DusPay can help you to accept credit cards online and electronic check payments quickly and affordably.