September 16, 2017

Knowledge base


Getting Started

  • About DusPay
  • How to get a DusPay Account?
  • How to accept credit card online?
  • What happens to the money if merchant fail the assessment?
  • Can overseas merchants engage DusPay?
  • Did not receive registration or verification email ?
  • Setting up merchant account.
Shopper FAQ
  • I have not received my orders
  • How do I cancel my order and get a refund?
  • Can I check the status of my order/shipment from DusPay?
  • How long can i expect a refund from merchant?
Developer FAQ
  • How do I track if the transaction is successful?
  • What is DusPay’s payment process like?
  • How do I integrate my IOS/Android application with DusPay?
  • How do I integrate my E-Commerce site with DusPay?
  • Will DusPay send me STR if the transaction fail?
  • What is the merchant reference ID used for?
  • Where can i get Merchant ID? I have integrated E-commerce plugin in word press but they are asking for Merchant ID.
  • What is encryption for DusPay?
  • We intend to integrate your payment gateway with our website. Could you let me know whether JSP is supported?
  • How difficult of integration process?


Account FAQs
  • How to reset password in DusPay?
  • Can I change my email address?
  • Can I use an email address registered with another DusPay account?
  • Change of password every 90 days.
  • Can I use the funds in DusPay to pay for other services or purchases?
  • Can i change my log in ID/ merchant ID?

User Manual

Table of Content
  • DusPay Merchant Account at a Glance

Merchant FAQs


  • What is the chargeback limit for DusPay?
  • What is the chargeback process like?
  • How to create a DusPay account
  • What is Merchant discount rate (MDR) ?
  • What are the supporting documents to file against chargeback dispute for merchant?
  • How long does it take to approve “Withdrawal Assessment” form?
  • How to calculate the “FEES” per transaction
  • Do you accept oversea transaction?
  • What currencies are supported by DusPay?
  • What credit cards can be used with DusPay? Do you support recurring payment?
  • Do you have a minimum transaction amount?
  • How do I refund?
  • Do you charge for failed transactions?
  • How do i accept non 3DS card?
  • Can cardholder /user/ customer convert the payment to a local amount currency within the payments page?
  • Do I get my money withdraw daily, weekly, monthly?
  • What are withdrawal assessments?
  • Why is my withdrawal taking so long?
  • In which currency can i withdraw from DusPay?
  • What are the charges to withdrawal process?
  • Why my Account balance and Withdraw able amount showing different amount?
  • When I sell, and get buyers to pay, how long can I get my money?


  • What is 3-D authentication?
  • What is 3D Secure Code or Verified by Visa?