Check processing by online mode

May 30, 2017

Check Processing

Technology has changed the way of traditional check payment processes. The emerging application and tools in technology enable us to make the payment over online in a few clicks. Earlier it was like if someone wants to pay somebody,then he/she needs to follow bank norms like standing in the queue, filling up the form and submitting the same into the counter to transfer money to payee account, but with the evolving nature of technology, it has changed the check processing works. Technology has changed the banking process and eliminates the time effort by turning a paper check into an electronic fund transfer also known as e-Check. It includes only check payments, no credit and debit cards which we deliver at DusPay for electronic check processing.

Your customer can send their virtual check through a secure network gateway by integrating system into a cart. High volume processing business deals with a lot of transactions into a batch file for safe and sound communication.

Following are the process of e-check:

The eCheck process starts from the sale where customer writes a paper check at the point of sale. The merchant thus uploads this information to their payment provider for processing, and thus payment is transferred within a speculated time.

Let’s talk about benefits of check processing:

  1. Helps in eliminating time and labour expense
  2. Amazing process speed with convenience
  3. Great GUI with API integration upon user request.
  4. Directly deposit checks to the bank without any intermediaries.
  5. It ensures safeguard to your business website.
  6. Information security, easy readability, quick processing speed and much more.

Why you should hire check processing services?

Among all services related to financial inclusion, check processing services is considered as one of the most necessary services opted by every business. The benefit of outsourcing includes:

  1. You can save unnecessary administrative cost on staffs, their salaries, and management.
  2. Giving more time to your other activity field than wasting time on managing online check processing services.
  3. Professional expertise has much-addressed knowledge regarding the check processing services, and they know how to handle those issues.
  4. You can use time instead of making it operated by staff members.
  5. You can witness great relieves from office burden about back office responsibilities.

Why DusPay for check Processing?

  1. We provide secure, reliable and convenient check processing services according to your business requirement.
  2. We have dedicated the team of skilled professionals who work on check processing system.
  3. Our process is suitable for any need for various industries regardless of business size.
  4. We maintain security  privacy at the highest concern for assuring you our services reliability.
  5. We deal with strict system security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access or any malicious activity.