Charge Back Protection

July 20, 2016

Charge Back Protection



Join DusPay and leverage the DusPay merchant portal to access customer disputes directly from issuers. no integration required.

We helps you mitigate fraud, avoid costly charge-back fees, fines and related operational expenses. As card-not-present (CNP) transactions continue to increase, more customers are bypassing the merchant and going directly to the card issuer to dispute charges paid on merchant website. this leaves the merchant without the opportunity to resolve a customer dispute before the transaction becomes a charge-back. the DusPay merchant Portal solves this problem by delivering customer disputes directly to the customer from the portal.

check box Our rates start with $40 per alert and $ 149 as one time cost for each descriptor setup

check boxNo integration required to join DusPay and begin reducing your chargebacks solution

check boxReal time notification of cardholder disputes from the issuer

check boxUse a single user account to manage various descriptor enrollment and case resolutions across multiple merchant accounts

check boxUser friendly web portal with role based user permissions, flexible notification options and detailed case history

check boxStop delivery of physical goods before they become a loss

check boxReduce internal costs associated with receiving, handling and responding to chargebacks

check box Account can be setup in 48 hours for alert system.