Accept Credit Card Payments – user friendly interface for credit card payments

May 30, 2017

Accept Credit Card Payments

Now you can start your online business in very less time with DusPay gateway processing. We accept credit card payments in as little as possible time slices. Whether you are a recognized or a new business on the internet, DusPay gateway has an easy to use, affordable and robust way to accept credit card payments. So start accepting payments on your portal in just a few minutes without any hassle. We are there to back you up at every hurdle in your system. DusPay gateway will turn your website into an online store with full functionalities, and the best part is you don’t need to require any technical expertise to use it. With all this, we also offer mobile optimized checkout which is the first required feature for an online store these days.

Now businesses need to be able to accept credit card payments from their customers. By accepting credit cards, small businesses have made the deal more convenient for the customers to make bigger purchases. This is particularly the case, an online process where cash is not an option and consumers hesitate in using bank account information when making a purchase. DusPay gateway invites the small businesses to apply to get the ability to accept credit card payments from their customers.

The credit card payment processing services allow you to accept payments through your business website or online store from all around the world or also by physical swiping. When your customer makes a purchase and enters the credit card information or swiping the card on the swipe machine, the data of the transaction travels through a secure online connection, which is known a payment gateway. Here it is encrypted and sent to the processor. The data is then forwarded to the credit card network and your customer’s credit card issuing bank before starting the transaction of money, negating the processing costs which is deposited into your predefined and verified bank account.

Set Up Merchant Account

To accept the credit card payments from customers, all you need to set up a merchant account with your bank or other financial institutions. This merchant account involves to request an application and will approve you to accept the most common credit cards of Visa or Mastercard.

Obtain Processing Equipment

After the merchant account has been set up, you need to buy or lease credit card processing equipment through a financial institution which will be a card reader attached to a modem. By this, you receive instant verification for the approval or decline of the card at the point of sale.

Online Processors

If you deal through only online mode, you could obtain a merchant account via traditional methods, or use an online payment processor, such as DusPay. Sign in and access DusPay and set up an account there. You are required to enter your business information, verify a bank account where the money will be transferred.

Understanding Fees

Many credit card processing accounts charge a discount fee per transaction. This is a percentage of the total purchase amount that will be charged to the retailer for processing the credit card transaction. Also, many others also charge a per transaction fee. Some merchant accounts will also charge a monthly, quarterly or annual fee.