About Us

July 20, 2016

About Us

DusPay provides excellent High Risk Merchant Account Services, including high risk offshore merchant account and online credit card processing with inbuild gateway. Our aim to simplify the life of the merchants while improving the cash flow and addressing their payment & online credit card processing needs to boom their businesses. DusPay can assist you in understanding and creating your offshore merchant account and guide you through the underwriting procedure followed by the bank while on boarding an application. Whether you need a start-up merchant solution, a recurring billing payment account, or you want to minimize or eliminate rolling reserves or set up an offshore business account, you can relay on our experienced  team to provide you with the services you need for your online business. Regardless of which market you choose to target, be it traditional straight sale, continuity programs, or grey area growth of the markets, you have the capability for long-term success, even if you have been denied approval by other high risk merchant account providers or Payment Gateway Providers.

We at DusPay do in-house processing for the applications. Our relationship banks allow us to on board almost every genuine business across the word, unless they prove them self as fare-business.

We are a leading payment technology company that enables online businesses to accept payments by Visa and MasterCard, we have the solution for all kinds of merchants from startups to the largest global enterprises. Our services are engineered with our top technology from the ground up to be secure and to protect cardholder and merchant data from internet fraud. We have innovative and effective anti-fraud tools that are certified at the highest level with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Council (PCI DSS Level 1).

We are able to advise businesses on how to obtain internet merchant accounts with the most appropriate institution and begin selling online as quickly as possible for their business.

We pride ourselves on offering the most secure, reliable and innovative online payment processing service available today. We aim to do this while maintaining competitive rates and offering first rate support and customer service.

 about us



Our goal is to help every merchant get payment processing services no matter their type of business, or personal credit rating. We have helped thousands of merchants get accounts when no one else would.


The Largest Network of its kind, our extensive partnerships, combined with our expertise ensure that we can find a program that suits your business’ needs quickly and efficiently, getting you up and running in no time.


We integrate through multiple gateways and offer load balancing, ensuring your new merchant account works with your shopping cart solution. Our technical support team can help you with integration and gateway questions.