DusPay Payment Gateway Solution Features


There are a lot of moving parts now a days when it comes to setting up a payment gateway credit card processing or offshore merchant account. From applying for a merchant account to integrating your website with a payment service provider…
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Easy Integration

DusPay offers its ready integration plugin can be used to integrate our payment gateway services to your website, mobile App with ease to save your time and costing of paying a high fee to developer. This service is free of charge…..
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Ready Plugin’s

We’ve several supported shopping cart plugins, our plug and play developer kit makes it easy to quickly integrate with your website. Our Integration team is working hard to make it easier for our merchants worldwide using our solution…..
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Invoicing System

Give your customers the online shopping experience even without sending them to your website, just send them an invoice to their email of phone and they can pay by the link given on the invoice by using Visa or MasterCard credit cards….
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About DusPay

DusPay is a well known Payment Gateway and Merchant Account provider for high risk as well as low risk business. We are full service provider of payment solution for all type of business. We have been eligible to provide the best of services to our clients across the world remaining to our years of experience in high risk payment gateway and merchant account. DusPay is one of the leading payment gateway, merchant account and credit card processing service with some special features like dedicated MID, reduce chargeback.

DusPay has more flexible options with competitive account fees and better customer support. We can manage your account whether you sell online, have store or sell over the phone, by mail, on the go with your mobile device to collect the payment from your customers. We have better understanding of how to accommodate “High Risk” industries. DusPay has relationship with International Banks to approve offshore merchant account for any business or merchant unlikely their geographical location.


People caring cash is declining on daily basis, and plastic money (credit cards) payments have become the new standard for customers to make payments at store on of course online. Whether you already have a merchant account and paying high fees and poor merchant service are eating into your bottom line, or you don’t have a merchant account at all, having the right merchant processing account to process online credit card is essential for running a successful business in current environments.

DusPay high risk merchant account and credit card processing solution will not only increase your online business but also give a fare experience to your customers.

Every day you wait to implement an efficient and cost effective merchant account account is another day your competitors have to get ahead of you. Unfortunately now it’s easier than ever to fall behind — and harder than ever to catch up on this — so the biggest risk is actually doing nothing, unless you have the right credit card processing company.

Let us help you open and operate a merchant account or may be offshore merchant account with DusPay that will empower the future growth and success of your business for years to come. Sign up for your dedicated merchant account with DusPay International Merchant Solutions now!


DUSPAY which gives you the Best Conversion Rates to merchants

Increase your online sales by min 20%. Go live in 48 Hours, Minimum payment Declines

Credit Card fraud can cost a business millions if not managed properly. With some powerful fraud prevention tools, our risk management team will secure you against online fraud, and keep your business safe.

Let your customer checkout with any credit card, from anywhere in the world

Give your customers a real online shopping experience they deserve with simple and friendly checkout options our payment gateway credit card processing. Whether your customers are using Visa or MasterCard credit cards to pay you for goods or services from your website or checking out from different parts of the world, you’ll be able to sell globally to over 80 countries. With a payment gateway, credit card payments are processed instantly in real time and your customers receive immediate response. Feedback includes real-time information on whether a payment transaction was approved or declined. So you as a merchant can secure your sales by getting the revenue from worldwide customers. A simple DusPay retry button preventing all drops related to network issues while accepting payments on your website

Will DusPay send me DTR if the transaction fails?

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How do I integrate my E-Commerce site with DusPay?

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How do I integrate my IOS/Android application with DusPay?

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What is DusPay’s payment process like?

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Visa Card Amex card Master Card JCB Card PCI-DSS certified

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